Spanish BonoLoto

The BonoLoto is a Spanish lottery designed to provide a cheaper and more accessible option for participants. Unlike other more well-known Spanish lotteries such as El Gordo and La Primitiva, BonoLoto is characterised by its low entry fees and frequency of draws. Because of its low costs and high frequency of draws, BonoLoto is popular with a wide audience.

Bonoloto draws

BonoLoto has more frequent draws than most other Spanish lotteries, usually six times a week (from Monday to Saturday).Participants choose six numbers from a range of 1 to 49. During the draw, an additional, or “complementary,” number is drawn, which can provide additional prizes.

An automatically generated number printed on the ticket that may entitle to a bet refund if it matches the “reintegro” number drawn during the draw.

Prize money and odds Bonoloto

Jackpot: The jackpot starts at a relatively modest amount but can grow if not won. There are several lower prize categories, including amounts for matching five numbers and the complementary number, four numbers, and three numbers.

Is my win probability high?

The odds of winning a prize in BonoLoto are relatively favourable due to the smaller number range and frequency of draws.

Playing online

BonoLoto tickets can be mad both offline at authorised dealers and online