El Niño: the little brother of the Spanish Christmas Lottery

El Niño is held on Epiphany Day and is considered a follow-up to the Christmas lottery. It offers participants a second chance to win significant prizes

‘Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad’, better known as the Spanish Christmas Lottery, is not the only big lottery in Spain. It has a brother named ‘El Niño’. Just like the natural phenomenon, this El Niño is special as well. The lottery always takes place at January 6, during the day of Epiphany. This is why the official name is The Epiphany Lottery. However, people like to call it El Niño (small child) because the prize money is lower than El Gordo.

To take part in one of biggest annual Spanish lotteries, with €700 million in prizes and incredible 1 in 100,000 chances of winning the jackpot prize, simply choose one or more tickets on this website.

Total Price (1 x € 35.00)

The El Niño Lottery

The El Niño Lottery isn’t as old as El Gordo. The Spanish government organized it for the very first time in 1941. Only since 1999 it takes place during Epiphany Day, which is a national holiday in Spain. The prize money of El Niño is lower than El Gordo. On the other hand, it does have more low prizes. This increases your winning chances.

Lotteries from the Spanish government

The Spanish government organizes almost all of the Spanish lotteries. Winners don’t have to pay taxes in Spain, but it could be different when you’re living in another countries. Just like the Christmas version, people from abroad can also participate in El Niño. A good thing about this lottery is that a part of the revenue is given to charities.

Where to purchase tickets for El Nino?

You can buy the El Niño tickets in several shops all over Spain. Of course a visit to the website of the Lotería La Nacional’ is possible as well. The website has one big advantage, namely that it’s possible to decide your own lottery numbers or last number. Besides that, the language on the website is Spanish and English. So it’s also available for people from abroad.

The El Nino tickets are divided in series. Each series contains the same lottery numbers. The tickets are divided in tens, which in Spain is known as ‘décimo’. Perhaps you want a complete ticket. It gives you the chance to win a lot of money. You should definitely try, because in 2012 more than 800 million euros was given as prize money!

Winning combinations 2017
The latest Loteria del Nino took place at January 6, 2017. Although the total amount of prize money wasn’t as high as in 2012, a total prize pool was still an astonishing 630 million euros. The winning combination of this year appeared to be 08354. The second prize was 750.000 euros per lottery ticket, and the third prize contained 250.000 euros with 95379 as the winning code.