EuroMillions El Millón spain

Buy your EuroMillions El Million Spanish lottery tickets online by selecting five main numbers (1-50), and two Lucky Stars (1-12). Fill out your EuroMillions ticket online and earn millions.

How to play the Euromillones in Spain?

En la versión española de Euromillones, los jugadores eligen cinco números principales del 1 al 50. Además, los jugadores pueden elegir dos números adicionales de un rango separado del 1 al 12, también llamados números de la “estrella de la suerte”. Para ganar el bote, los cinco números principales y el número de la estrella de la suerte deben coincidir con los números sorteados.

El Millón offers extra cash prizes as an additional game option.

In addition to the standard options, Spanish players also have the option to add an extra game option called “El Millón”. This will give them a chance to win a further €1 million, which will be drawn exclusively on Euromillions tickets for Spanish participation.
Millionaire draw. Euromillions regularly organises special “Millionaire” draws in which several players are guaranteed to become millionaires. These draws take place on selected dates and offer extra chances to win big prizes.

EuroMillions tickets online

Now through the prestigious and accredited online lottery manager Ventura24, belonging to the European multinational MyLotto24, you can purchase your EuroMillions tickets online from the following interactive ticket. When you register you will discover the convenience of being able to acquire tickets for the whole month without a pass being overlooked, you will also receive notice in your email of the obtained prizes and if you are the lucky winner of a boat you will receive the appropriate advice on the best way to manage the collection.

Spanish weekly raffle

Play EuroMillions and also the El Millón Raffle tickets instantly gives the time to win the Spanish weekly raffle known as El Millón (The Million). You’re in this exciting raffle action since your EuroMillions tickets are ordered by our local offices in The country. This raffle gives the time to win a awesome €1 million. Tickets purchased for the Tuesday and Friday draws are instantly qualified with this extra raffle, that takes put on Fridays. A 9-digit alphanumeric code is printed at the end of every ticket you buy and when this matches the code attracted within the raffle, won by you the €1 million prize.

All players taking part in the EuroMillions lottery are able to become uniform within the European Uniform Maker raffle, that is staged on select occasions all year round. This long awaited raffle creates 25 millionaires over the continent. Still take part in the EuroMillions lottery to become updated relating to this exciting pan-European